Molecules at Surfaces and Interfaces - from Structure to Interactions

Seehotel Zeuthen, Berlin, September 4-7, 2017


Prof. Cécile Hébert (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr. Kannan Balasubramanian (Max-Planck Institute Stuttgart & Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)

Dr. Magalì Lingenfelder (MPS-EPFL-Nanolab, Lausanne, Switzerland)


Sponsored by:  Max-Planck-EPFL-Center for Molecular Nanoscience and Technology

Participants: The Summer Schools of the MPS-EPFL-Center are created specifically for PhD students interested in the field of Nanoscience and Technology. Participants of the Summer School are requested to present their own scientific work in A0 poster during a poster session at the School.

Contact / registration: mpsepfl-school2017(at)

Registration deadline: Tuesday June 20 ,2017

Scope: The investigation of structure and interactions at a  molecular level is fundamentally important for understanding various phenomena in suface and interface science and for the ensuing applications. The lectures will address methods of analytics and sensing at surfaces / interfaces in different environments (UHV, liquid and gas) from molecular structure to reactions with a focus on the limits of spatial, temporal and structural resolution. The school aims to provide participating graduate students and interested researchers with an introduction to the foundations of modern approaches along with an overview of the latest developments in the field. The school is also expected to serve as an avenue for discussing potential overlap betweeen different aproaches and trigger new directions.

Lectures: Each of the invited speakers will deliver two 60-minute presentations - first, a tutorial lecture on the fundamental principles of their research topic, followed by a talk on their current research including the current state of the art. The talks are planned in a way to provide ample time for  informal discussions after each talk as well as during the breaks.


Hotel/Accomodation: Seehotel Zeuthen

Earliest Arrival : Sunday 3 September
Latest Hotel Checkout : Thursday 7 September


Important deadlines: 

Submission of Abstracts (please use template): August 27

Registration for final exam (oral): August 27


Tutorials & Invited Talks:

Jim De Yoreo


Univ. of Washington

They call it free energy, so hey, why pay?

The impact of conformation and solvation on macromolecular assembly at surfaces

Christophe Renault

CNRS Palaiseau

Single object electrochemistry : fundamentals

Single object electrochemistry : analytical applications

Frank Vollmer

MPI for the Science of Light

& Univ. of Exeter

Fundamentals of Biosensing with Optical Resonators and Plasmon-related Methods

Exploring Single Biomolecules with Whisphering-Gallery Mode Sensors

Ulrich Keyser

Univ. of Cambridge

Techniques for single molecule biophysics

Nanopore based biosensing : From sequencing to protein detection

Kerstin Blank

MPI for Colloids & Interfaces

Watching individual molecules at work

Roadblocks and new directions in single molecule enzymology

Paul Weiss


Tutorial on Patterning across Scales

Cooperative Function in Atomically Precise Nanoscale Assemblies

Marc Willinger

Fritz Haber Institute

Chemical electron microscopy: moving from imaging in vacuum to observation under catalytically relevant conditions

Observation of oscillatory redox dynamics by in-situ electron microscopy

Vaso Tileli


Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscopy

Surface and subsurface electron probing

Alexander Riss

TU München

Imaging chemical bonds in real space

Single-molecule reactions : Atom by atom, bond by bond

Christoph Koch

HU Berlin

Fast electrons in the transmission electron microscope as a probe for structure at interfaces and surfaces

Inline electron holography and electron energy loss spectroscopy as probes for charges in organic molecules and their dynamics

Angelika Kühnle

Uni Mainz

High-resolution imaging and solvation layer mapping at the solid-liquid interface

Chemical identification and molecular self-assembly at the solid-liquid interface

Christopher J. Russo

MRC-LMB Cambridge, UK



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