Master Projects

Master Projects

The Center offers the possibility to EPFL master students in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or Bioengineering to actively participate in the research of the member Max Planck Institutes and to do their master project at FHI, MPI-BPC, MPI-FKF or MPI-IS. The master project is scheduled for duration of minimum 17 weeks and maximum 25 weeks. It will be jointly supervised by an EPFL professor and a MPS Center member. 

If you are interested in a master project at one of the participating Max-Planck-Institutes click on the respective project and read the project description. You may then contact the responsible scientist or one of the members of the Scientific Board.

The following Projects are offered by the Max-Planck Institutes (click on the topic to open the description file):

MPI Solid State Research, Stuttgart

MPI Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart

MPI Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin

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