Research Projects

The Max-Planck-EPFL Center for Molecular Nanoscience and Technology seeks to enhance opportunities for collaborative activities between MPS and EPFL investigators through funding of joint research projects. Financial support will be provided for hiring postdoctoral researchers for a period of up to 2 years and PhD students up to 4 years, maximum.  Employment conditions are determined by the applicable laws and regulations of the hosting Party.

Submission deadlines for proposals will be announced on this page. The deadline for the last call was September 21, 2014.

Projects must have clear relevance to areas supported by the Center. A high degree of interaction between MPS and EPFL investigators is a mandatory requirement for further consideration of the proposal. The written proposal should not exceed 2 pages and provide key information on the planned research, the envisioned collaboration and requested funding. 

The Scientific Board will evaluate the received proposals and prioritize them based on scientific quality and added value of the collaboration. Funds will be distributed according to availability, taking into account the global balance between MPS and EPFL contributions. Funding decisions will be communicated within two months following the proposal deadline.

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