The activities of the Center are inherently interdisciplinary and build on the synergy between nanostructure physics, physical, analytical and biochemistries, surface science, life sciences, microengineering and systems engineering. Based on the idea that significant synergies can be created by widely sharing ideas and expertise as well as access to materials and infrastructure between the partner institutions, the Center provides a unique platform for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation in molecular nanoscience and technology.

The following list provides information on current collaborative projects within the Center. Click on the title to get to the project description.

Project title


Supported departments and working groups

State-to-state dynamical studies of surface chemistry and
energy transfer


R.D. Beck (EPFL) and A.M. Wodtke (MPS)

Bottom-up molecular assembly of cellular focal
adhesion-associated proteins at nanopattern membrane interfaces


A. Radenovic (EPFL) and J. Spatz (MPS)

Biomolecules on their way to solvation


G. von Helden, C. Baldauf (MPS) and T.R. Rizzo (EPFL)

Charge carrier chemistry and interface effects in organic perovskites
for solar cells with enhanced efficiency


J. Maier (MPS) and M. Grätzel (EPFL)

Novel solid electrodes and electrolytes for Li-ion and Li-metal batteries


N. Marzari, M.Cococcioni (EPFL) and J. Maier, B. Lotsch (MPS)

Molecular optomechanics: Amplification of vibrations in SERS


T.J. Kippenberg (EPFL) and P. Fischer (MPS)

First-principles high-throughput design and discovery of novel
materials, and its application to thermoelectrics


M. Scheffler (FHI) and N. Marzari (EPFL)

Photoelectrochemical water splitting by GaAs nanowire arrays
on Si and CO2 reduction


A. Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL) and B. Lotsch (MPS)

Chemical and biological patterning of graphene


K. Balasubramanian (MPS) and A. Radenovic (EPFL)

Synthetic nanomotors


F. Stellacci (EPFL) and P. Fischer (MPS)

In-situ and atomic-scale investigations of degradation mechanisms
in solid oxide fuel cell devices


M.G. Willinger (MPS) and C. Hébert, J. Van herle (EPFL)

Peptides at surfaces: Simulating organic-inorganic interface systems


M. Ceriotti (EPFL) and C. Baldauf (FHI)
Collaboration: M. Rossi (Oxford University)

Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics in transition metal complexes


M.Chergui (EPFL) and J.Stähler, M.Wolf (FHI)
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